No first look? Try this wedding timeline

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re getting married soon!!!! EEEK!!! CONGRATS!!! This new season of life is so special and I encourage you to slow down and take it all in because before you know it – it’ll be over!

First looks aren’t for everyone, I get it! So I created this timeline for my couples that want to have their first look down the aisle. I have been to tons and tons of weddings and this timeline is BY FAR my FAVORITE. ALL weddings are different so this might not fit perfectly for you day and thats okay! You can work with your photographer and/or wedding planner to tweak it as needed. Something to note: this timeline is based off having separate locations for the ceremony and reception in June. Times will need to be adjusted based off when the sun sets. Enjoy!

8:15 AM – Gals begin getting ready

11:00 AM – Guys arrive

12:00 PM – Gals ready by 12:00 PM & bride gets her dress on

12:15 PM – Bride reveal to bridesmaids

12:20 PM – Getting ready photos with the gals

12:40 PM – Getting ready photos with the guys

1:00 PM – First look with significant person (dad, grandparents, siblings, etc.)

1:30 PM – Wedding party tucked away

1:40 PM – Guests arrive

1:55 PM – Wedding party lines up

2:00 PM – Ceremony begins

2:30 PM – Ceremony ends

2:30 PM – Family portraits

3:00 PM –  Bride and groom have time to themselves

3:40 PM – Wedding party portraits

4:30 PM – Bride and groom portraits

5:15 PM – Cocktail hour begins

6:15 PM – Guest find seats

6:30 PM – Grand entrance

6:40 PM – Welcome/prayer

6:45 PM – Dinner

7:25 PM – Toasts

7:35 PM – Father & daughter dance

7:40 PM – Mother & son dance

7:45 PM – Cake cutting

7:50 PM – Sunset portraits with Bride and groom

7:50 PM – Dance floor opens up for all guests

9:00 PM – Private last dance

9:10 PM – Sparkler send off

9:20 PM – Clean up & tear down

Phew, you made it! I hope you found this to be mega helpful. Now look at you go – one less thing off your to-do list. You’re KILLING IT!!!!

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