Alternative ideas for traditions

1. First look without your future spouse

The idea of doing a first look with your future spouse has become mega popular over the past few years in the wedding industry. If you’re on the fence I would totally recommend asking your photographer for the pros and cons of both. If you have decided a first look is not for you and your fiancé, then consider doing one with other important people in your life. For example: you could do a first look with your grandparent(s), parent(s), bridesmaids, groomsmen, close family, etc.  

2. Special dances

Instead of Father/bride or Mother/groom dance: you could do “special dances” with an important person in your life.

3. Forgo the wedding party

Something I have seen recently in weddings is forgoing the wedding party entirely. This is not for everyone but it is absolutely an option if you feel it is best for your special day.  

4. Get married in an alternative venue (backyard, greenhouse, historical venue, museum, library)

I am ALL FOR THIS!!! If you feel like venues around town are not sticking out to you then I would encourage you to look into these ideas for a ceremony and/or reception space.

5. Have the wedding party sit down during the ceremony

Instead of them standing beside you, the bridal party could be sitting in the crowd cheering you on from a different perspective.

6. Wear a reception dress or jumpsuit

Hear me out, you will have a billion photos in your wedding dress by this point. Why not switch it up and get even more photos in another iconic fit?!  

7. Plan an entire wedding weekend

I whole heartedly recommend this if you are having a destination wedding BECAUSE, you are not going to have time on your wedding day to talk to everyone (unless you’re having a micro wedding but even still). If you have a few days to spend with your people leading up to the day I promise it will be a core memory.

8. Flower groomsmen + flower grandmas

If you’re on tik tok i’m sure you’ve seen the new trend to have a Flower girl turned flower grandmas, or flower groomsmen. It is a guaranteed crowd pleaser whether you choose to switch it up or stay with the tradition of little kids.

9. Food trucks instead of a sit down meals

This is such a fun way to switch up a reception, theres never been a food truck at a wedding I haven’t loved!

10. Have arcade games at the reception

I recently saw this idea and have been obsessed ever since. Logistically this would take some extra time and money but the results could be soooo fun and another core memory of your day.

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