Hi, I’m Allison! Let’s get to know each other better

I figured the best way for you to get to know me was to learn about a few of my favorite things so I wrote out just that down below!

Some of my favorite things

  1. Quality time with my people. I am a people person through and through so whenever I don’t get enough time with the people that make KC home I feeeeeel it.
  2. I LOVE SUNSETS. No, really. I’m obsessed. *cue trendy tik tok audio* Living in the great state of Kansas doesn’t exactly lend itself to insane mountain ranges or views of the ocean. I find so much joy and awe in sunsets the lord so perfectly crafts each night. Fair warning you will hear me scream “AHHH LOOK AT THAT” if your session is during golden hour.
  3. One word, Podcasts. I listen to so many. The possibility of hearing me say “I heard in this podcast that..” is extremely high.
  4. Coffee shops. I could spend an entire day in a coffee shop and be content. If my biz had a physical location it would be in a coffee shop in a valley surrounded by wildflowers with the view of an ocean on the left and the mountains on the right.
  5. Traveling. The travel bug bit me a long time ago and never left. There is SO much beauty in this world and I want to explore it! Wanna be apart of that journey? Fill out that contact form sis!

Now, where are my goal oriented people at?

I. Love. Goals. It is so easy for me to get carried away with all of the goals I want to accomplish in my life so for now, I’ll narrow it down for ya. Trust me, we’d be here a while if I listed them all.

Personal goals for 2021

  1. Visit ALL national parks in the United states. So far i’ve knocked out five this year!
  2. Become a morning person (this is weird, I know. I like mornings just not early mornings. I want to be the person that works up at 5am to workout so bad but I am currently at the 8am mark. It’s a work in progress LOL)
  3. Read 12 books – just started #7 this week, woo!

Business goals

  1. Be a friend to my clients
  2. Create memories with my clients (friends) that are as important to look back on as they were to create
  3. Travel, travel, travel!

Enough about me, I wanna get to know you!

That was a lot about myself so I will leave it at that for now but I can’t wait to get to know YOU:) and I hope you feel like you know a little bit more about me! Chat soon!



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